...Happy Future, ...with green-resource & free-pollution  ITEG - Innovative axial rotor for electric machine, turbine/pump
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The patent has positive "International Research Report" by WIPO/Geneva: recognize industriality, novelty and inventiveness on all the claims. It is an innovative "AXIAL ROTOR", which allows to merge the canonical Turbine+Alternator or Motor+Impeller into a single machine, with some advantages compared to similar initiatives, which also resort to PMT (Permanent Magnetic Technolgy). The object remains the fulcrum in many activities, for example it remains useful in the management of fluids (gas and liquids), the key of many machines and plants, as well as of many apparatuses for intercepting renewable energies (wind, water, tides, ...), ...see Offer.

Prime TARGET people 6.696.307.631, over 85%Cina, India, Stati Uniti, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brasile, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Messico, Giappone, Etiopia, Filippine, Egitto, Vietnam, RD del Congo, Germania, Turchia, Iran, Thailandia, Regno Unito, Francia, Italia, Sudafrica, Tanzania, Birmania, Kenya, Corea del Sud, Colombia, Spagna, Argentina, Uganda, Ucraina, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Polonia, Canada, Marocco, Arabia Saudita, Uzbekistan, Perý, Malaysia, Angola, Mozambico, Yemen, Ghana, Nepal, Venezuela; 
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