...Happy 2019, ...green-resource & free-pollution, Industrial Plan with own JEH - CryptoCurrency
®GUPC_prj, ®GUPC_offer make data for LEED for Cities and LEED for Communities (stand alone project each 1.000.000 inhabitants); --1) Energy: ITEG, MBGC, PBRC, CMTC, HWFC, TCC, TP --2) Water: ITEG, MBGC, PBRC, SDGC, GSMF, MHLM, HWFC --3) Transportation: ITEG, SIDR, MBGC, PBRC, HWFC --4) Waste: ITEG, MBGC, PBRC, SDGC, GSMF, MHLM, HWFC, CMTC --5) Human Experience: ®GUPC, ITEG, SIDR, PBRC, CMTC, SDNA, TCC, TP  prJEH
JEH, things close to you: Job Earth Health: http://www.expotv1.com/ESCP_JEH.pdf, ICO Sales / Utility Token (IP rights World, IndustrialPlan&CryptoMoney, now private sale); Industrial Plan with many employment and economic implications, preserving health and the planet; he needs human resources on 60 metropolitan cities (europe, see JEH-EU), each will have over 100 human resources and 1 B€ (direct or induced, on 4 Business-Unit rights: Biogas, Algae, Water and RE Retrofit in Urban & periUrban sites), with own JEH - CryptoCurrency;
        a) Risorse Lawyer, Contracts, M&A, IP
        b) Risorse Building Team, Marketing/Comunication, Commercial/Sellers
        c) Risorse IT/ICT (information and computer systems)
        d) Risorse Energy technologists ( http://www.expotv1.com/ESCP_Patent.htm )
For JEH Master-Plan in progress (see: http://www.expotv1.com/ESCP_JEH_MP.htm);  
Ask me for your "Industrial Property Applications" or book your "IP Priority-zone" to: areatecnica@escp.it
Many others green IP available: http://www.expotv1.com/ESCP_Patent.htm.
Thanks for attention. Friendliness, Vito Lavanga.