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Job - Earth - Health
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JEH (Job Earth Health)

PDF and video (EN, RU, CN:

The proposing company dedicated to sustainable solutions, seeks (throughout Italy and abroad) an investor or entrepreneur interested in a large-scale Industrial Plan project (€ 10.5 million).

JEH deals with Job, Earth and Health (with owner Industrial Property).

JEH (Job Earth Health) it is a vast Industrial Plan which is carried out on three distinct parts; the first two also support the third (with showroom and communication roles), which expands the action of the first two across Europe;

A) 5.0 M€ - Basic Industrial Center (in Milan) which deals with the relevant territory, for the production and distribution of Biogas, Algae, Desalination and Real Estate Redevelopment plants at "ZERO cost";

B) 2.5 M€ - RSA (in Milan) which proposes to set up a "Social Assistance Residence" with 25 beds, drawing on proprietary Industrial Property based on the best solutions on the market, both own and third parties; a realistic Real Estate Redevelopment pilot, with a social vocation, reiterable in every 10,000 inhabitants;

C) 3.0 M€ - A targeted ICO / IEO, within the "Tokenized Economy", aims to project across Europe, replicating the basic models A) and B), but customized on the specific territory; JEH (ICO Sale / Token Utility) promises the collection of "Presale, distributed & pervasive, of Real (tangible and intangible) goods"; minimum target 6 poles (€ 30 million) in Italian metroplitan cities, substantial target of reaching 60 across Europe (€ 300 million);

Each of the 60 interventions promises revenues of € 1 billion over 10 years; the ICO / IEO aims at 60 poles in Europe and with pervasive penetration into the contiguous economic, social and environmental fabrics for 10,000,000 inhabitants;

Significant holdings are available, also with operational roles, for oversight and control (with minorities); Very high ROI.
Thanks for attention. Friendliness, Vito Lavanga (393-0430953, Milan).
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