GOAL: ...big chances to your Firm/Agency: 2024 - Financial Operation
...in all World, your every Land of 1,000,000 inhabitants:
our Big GREEN GIFT (15 MEuro)  for your Land, for its Citizens,
for its Firms "a lot of WORK", ...with YOU our Partners and local Agent/Broker;
...useful eBooks (32): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of  ...to Ecological TRANSITION
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Open 30/21 or SRB/Sale&RentBACK (by ESG metrics  & Our Vision to SDGs/UN) - Performance Economy to NFT (UtilityToken, DeFi): World_NFT_GREEN or Italy_NFT_GREEN also in single market Segment & small Land

Sale - Transfer our Intangible GREEN Asset (specific EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to Commercial Exploitation, issued by jurisprudence in force in the State); next steps are negotiable (start by MBGC); 

Rent BACK - you opt for an operative back-rental service with specific agreed services (10y, 3% - 10%)

Lease BACK - you opt for a financial back-lease service and accounting administrative services (10y, 3% - 5%)

Our Assets (legitimatised by local jurisprudence, free from any financial encumbrance or from third parties) are sold to an Operator interested in the specific GREEN development of the territory or in financial transactions in general (less than a sixth of their value, against a confirmatory deposit of more than 5% and according to the agreed restrictions); next steps are negotiable (...sale without constraints exclusive Rent/Lease back, 3x FULL Controll on own develop, 2x Controll with our presence one third, ...else also licence option by Green New Deal); assets which are then Lease BACK to us, against repayment of the capital in installments over 10 years, with IRR from 3% to 5% (or better negotiated); in the case of Rent BACK (industrial or service operator), with a further IRR Installment from 3% to 10%, with Commercial(1%), Administrative(1%), Research(1%) and Production(3%) collaborations by HR (1%/each), more Sh (5%) and related PREEMPTION on the relevant activities; 2024 - Financial Operation exempt from taxation, as it does not involve the transfer of possession (but only ownership, which does not give rise to income);

The value of the Asset (BGT 15 MEuro/each) will be used to activate Supervision and  8+1 GREEN industrial plans, taking care of Inclusivityhttp://www.expotv1.com/190530_ESCP_BU_Fragilita_BP.pdf ), economic and environmental sustainability, towards specific needs of the territory on already validated models, from JWTeam  ( http://www.expotv1.com/JWT_project.pdf ); involving workers from the area, for the benefit of citizens of the state and residents of the area; favoring youth work and innovative initiatives, with plans for significant takeovers from entities or operators in the area (open option EXIT 5y, 5x); all with full compatibility with the Energy Law now in vogue (JTF - Just Transition Fund) and comparisons with authoritative expert operators on SRB / SLB, as us look (FCA - Financial Conduct Authority).


Hi, Vito Lavanga.

*Own INDUSTRIAL RIGHTS, mathematician, working in technical-scientific, IT&C and Financial disciplines;

**to mkt-chances (http://www.expotv1.com/JWT_mkt.htm) and your due diligence (http://www.expotv1.com/JWT_Advisor.htm) see also Lavanga Vito UIBM/IT-Roma, EPO/EU-Munich, WIPO/UN-Geneva;

Note: we are very open to various forms of collaboration, defining preliminary agreements for developments in a specific territory (by registering the contents in the public Blockchain, https://stampd.io/#/notarize, against a security deposit that we issue agreement, between 5-10%), without jeopardizing a sudden development in that area, but only reserving itself a role of Big Player;

         Piano Commerciale di Ripresa e Resilienza
PCRR JWTeam Srls - Sede Legale: Via Terrazzano 85, 20017 Rho (MI), C.F. e P.I.  12092970966, Cap.Soc. Euro 200, Pec: pcrrjwt@pec.it
IBAN:  IT73H0306909412100000002247, BIC:  BCITITMM - info@pcrr-jwt.it - www.pcrr-jwt.it

NB - Consulenza ed Impianti per voi a "Costo ZERO" ...da Industria 4.0, PNRR e dintorni, attivando Innovazione GREEN con ogni nostro brevetto !!!