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...in all World, your every Land of 1,000,000 inhabitants:
our Big GREEN GIFT (15 MEuro)  for your Land, for its Citizens,
for its Firms "a lot of WORK", ...with YOU our Partners and local Agent/Broker;
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Hello World (join us, own IP and its RIGHTS on 193 WIPO/UN States, https://www.wipo.int/members/en/)
INCOME_Investment (also For Sale) with JWTeamtowards SDGs/UN (17 Sustainable Development GOALS )
We look Partners to ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION (by ESG metrics & Our Vision to IP_SDGs/UN); You&Firm/Partner like work on it too?
http://www.expotv1.com/JWT_project.pdf (legacy on MBGC&SIDR), in each milion World People & Inclusiveness for it; our funds to JOB/Firm in your area (DOA-M&A/Broker/Trader/Agent, IP Sale and Rent/Lease BACK, Bgt 15 MEuro/each), with its own Editorial Plan;
MBGC - EXCLUSIVE use rights (Biomethaverse MadeItalywww.mbgc-jwt.it / CDI mbgc CH4-H2, in only 10% area of GBwaste-to-gold), see:  
ES - http://www.expotv1.com/LIC/$$_INDUSTRIAL_PROPERTY/EPO_ES_MBGC.pdf  (47.000.000 People), EU Valuation
FR - http://www.expotv1.com/LIC/$$_INDUSTRIAL_PROPERTY/EPO_FR_MBGC.pdf  (65.000.000 People), EU Valuation 
DE -
http://www.expotv1.com/LIC/$$_INDUSTRIAL_PROPERTY/EPO_DE_MBGC.pdf  (85.000.000 People), EU Valuation
GB - http://www.expotv1.com/LIC/$$_INDUSTRIAL_PROPERTY/EPO_GB_MBGC.pdf  (68.000.000 People), EU Valuation
IT - http://www.expotv1.com/LIC/$$_INDUSTRIAL_PROPERTY/EPO_IT_MBGC.pdf  (60.000.000 People), EU Valuation
SIDR - ...a lot of chances to eat, in world, as in BRICS (RU, IN, CN), www.sidr-jwt.it; You&Firm/Partner like work on it too?
RU - http://www.expotv1.com/ESCP_SIDR_EAPO_032278.pdf  (200.000.000 People)
IN - http://www.expotv1.com/ESCP_SIDR_IN_437608_Patent_Certificate.pdf  (1.366.000.000 People)
CN - http://www.expotv1.com/ESCP_SIDR_CNIPA_CN107257874B.pdf   (1.434.000.000 People)


Hi, Vito Lavanga.

*Own INDUSTRIAL RIGHTS, mathematician, working in technical-scientific, IT&C and Financial disciplines;

**to mkt-chances (http://www.expotv1.com/JWT_mkt.htm) and your due diligence (http://www.expotv1.com/JWT_Advisor.htm) see also Lavanga Vito UIBM/IT-Roma, EPO/EU-Munich, WIPO/UN-Geneva;

Note: we are very open to various forms of collaboration, defining preliminary agreements for developments in a specific territory (by registering the contents in the public Blockchain, https://stampd.io/#/notarize, against a security deposit that we issue agreement, between 5-10%), without jeopardizing a sudden development in that area, but only reserving itself a role of Big Player;

If need more info, let's get in touch via info@pcrr-jwt.it, or here JWT / EU, http://meet.google.com/stm-szuy-jud;
Open to every culture and region (...and any act jv/vc/pe) 
Europe (EMEA and Western World):

 Piano Commerciale di Ripresa e Resilienza
PCRR JWTeam Srls - Sede Legale: Via Terrazzano 85, 20017 Rho (MI), C.F. e P.I.  12092970966, Cap.Soc. Euro 200, Pec: pcrrjwt@pec.it
IBAN:  IT73H0306909412100000002247, BIC:  BCITITMM - info@pcrr-jwt.it - www.pcrr-jwt.it

NB - Consulenza ed Impianti per voi a "Costo ZERO" ...da Industria 4.0, PNRR e dintorni, attivando Innovazione GREEN con ogni nostro brevetto !!!